How to Increase Metabolism Rate of Body?

Slow metabolism is a problem which many people want to get rid of. In this article, we will be presenting you some tips by which you can rejuvenate your metabolism rate.

1) Note down dieting pattern

If we do not pay attention to the food which we intake throughout the day, we are less likely to regulate it in order to get proper metabolism. Keep a note of food consumed throughout the day and at the end of the day, just re-check it and analyze whether this kind of food would benefit or harm your body. By becoming aware of food habits, you will gain more confidence to regulate it which will, in turn, boost your metabolism.

2) Evening walk

The body metabolism and digestion slows down towards the end of the day.  Therefore, in many ancient traditions, it was advised to have the last meal before sunset.  However, the working schedule of people have changed considerably in the past few decades and therefore it is not feasible for many to have the last meal before sunset. In such a case, it is better to have an evening walk before taking your last meal because this evening walk can give a boost to your otherwise fading metabolism which will help in proper digestion of food.  Even after having the last meal, it is advised not to sleep just after having the meal else it will lead to fatigue, constipation and digestion problems. You must have at least 15 minutes of walk after your last meal before going to bed.

3) Eat water

For a good metabolism, it is essential that your body is free from toxins and constipation. Drinking water at regular intervals is good for your body as it flushes out various types of toxins out of your body. However, for office going people, it can be problematic as they will have to go to the washroom more number of times. So if you cannot drink water regularly, then make it a habit to eat water.  By eating water, we imply foods which are rich in water content and they also fill you for longer periods of time ensuring that you do not feel food cravings every now and then. Watermelons, cucumber, tomatoes, grapes are a few examples of such foods. By takings such foods, you help your body metabolism to function well.

4) Lemon water

Lemon water is not only a great option for reducing weight but it also helps in enhancing metabolism. The effect of lemon water is considerably enhanced if you take it with lukewarm water early in the morning before having any meal. Further, lemon water also helps in relieving constipation and acidity related problems. Lemon also boosts your immunity and has plenty of other benefits apart from boosting metabolism. One precaution that you must keep in mind is that you must not take lemon water if you have any joint pain.

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