Do Massage Chairs Help in Weight Loss?

massage chair weight lossOne thing to which most people across the world would agree is that being healthy is vital for joyful living. With growing consciousness of health in the world, more and more people are joining the race to get fit and healthy. While more people are getting influenced by life style related diseases, both government and private sectors are providing various facilities for transforming health. Diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes etc are seen commonly nowadays.

All the problems related to health vary in nature. Right now, in most of the countries obesity is becoming a serious problem. Due to extra weight, the problems of cardiovascular diseases are increasing. Obesity is also the source for many other diseases.

People are looking for ways to lose weight. Nothing can be compared for exercises and diet for weight loss, but with advancement of technology things like massage chair are also becoming popular as people also look for comfort along with weight loss. Many people don’t opt for exercising for weight loss due to the common reason that they want something comfortable and massage chair is the popular answer when it comes to comfort.

How Massage Chair Works?

Massage chair basically provides relaxation to your muscles and improves blood circulation. Massage chair does not works like a magic bullet for weight loss, but shows accelerated results when combined with other weight loss methods.

One of the common reason for increased weight is improper functioning of hormones which is often caused by stress in daily life. Stress hinders sleep patterns, eating habits also thus adding to weight gain. The feelings of anxiety and stress have direct effects on our body system. In some cases it is observed that stress reduces weight. But in most of the cases, stress adds extra pounds to body by interfering with basic biological mechanism of body.

Whenever any person experiences stress, his body releases cortisol in response to stress. This improper release of hormones cause faulty eating habits and improper digestion which in-turn disturbs the metabolism of body thereby causing weight gain. To counter stress and make the body relaxed, a massage chair proves beneficial. A massage chair will help you in staying calm and will relax the body.

Though massage chairs are costly, but the value you get from them far outweighs its cost. Apart from indirectly effecting weight loss through relaxation, it also has direct effect on burning fat cells of the body during massage process.


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