About Me

Hi, i am Tiffany, a trainee nurse and a fitness blogger. Since childhood, it was my dream to get into medical field. I believe that this is a profession which can serve humanity the most. I have read many medical related books and journals since childhood even though i was not able to understand them fully 🙂

My passion for writing a fitness blog grew when i came into contact with Stephanie, who is also a trainee nurse and a blogger. I do not have much technical knowledge about starting a blog and all aspects related to it, so it was hard for me to get all things set up by myself. However, thanks to YouTube videos which helped me to learn basic website making skills.

I intend to grow this blog with unique articles about weight loss. I do not know how frequently i will be able to post here as there are exams every 4-5 weeks but i will try my best to spare time for writing on my blog. Please note that i am not some expert doctor, so do not think that any content posted by me is an expert advice. There may be errors and omissions here and there, if you find any problems with this site, content etc, then do contact me.